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Welcome to Chip-N-Pitch : The Stroke SaverGolf Training Aid | Golf Stroke

Chip-N-Pitch The Stroke Saver is a company that is committed to creating and providing practical and cost effective training apparatus.  In keeping with our goal to provide the best and most useful training tools available to the golfer, we have hand picked and tested the products in our small but growing catalog.

With simplicity and practicality in mind we developed, with the help and guidance of teaching Pro Randy Aumock, one of the most sensible training tools for the short game of golf.  In a round of golf, approximately 70% of all shots are made within 100 yards of the pin and this creates pressure which causes problems that all golfers face.  (Chilly Dips, Chunk Shots, Sculled Shots, and Bladed Shots to name a few)  A golfer needs a proper swing motion,(Hands,Feet, and Body)a proper set up, and execution, to develop confidence to eliminate this pressure.  This will allow the golfer to produce the right shot at the right time.  With this in mind Chip-N-Pitch was created and developed.

Chip-N-Pitch club extension provides instant feedback, immediate results, simple to install, and easy to use.

"We have created through Chip-N-Pitch a durable,yet practical training tool that you can use through out your golfing years.If you like golf,you will love Chip-N-Pitch The Stroke Saver.The results from practicing with Chip-N-Pitch will produce lower scores,which will bring enjoyment to your golf game for many years to come. No matter what age or level of skill,you will benefit from using Chip-N-Pitch."

We can help your golf game in many ways. GUARANTEED.

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