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Blata Titanium Core

A two-piece Balata Titanium golf ball, with the latest technology in its manufacturing, has been fully tested and its quality has been guaranteed by the USGA and R&A both in distance and control along with its high spin rate

From its harmonious blending between Balata and Metal Technology the titanium powder which is incorporated in the core gives the ball a better resilient property. The power at impact will not be lost as much as in other golf balls. This translates into a longer distance. The Balata Titanium 90 is suitable for all golfers with an above average swing speed.

With our new Balata Titanium Golf Ball , you will gain a lot of confidence in every shot you make with good control in both distance and direction.With our new Dual Radius Dimple, it can penetrate through the air without any loss of control whether it be with or against the wind.

Balata Titanium comes with 2 compressions for you to choose from:

  • 100 Compression - For Professionals or Low Handicap Players.
  • 90 Compression - For the Average Players who want to improve their games to a Professional Level.

Our Price: $24.99


Distance Titanium HD 90

The official ball of the Canadian Long Drive Championships!

Our Price: $22.99


Multiplex HD 80

A premium ball which has been designed especially for the golfer with slower swing speeds. We have used the latest in technology to produce a true 80 compression ball, which will give you a soft feeling ball off the club face without compromising distance.

Our Price: $13.99

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