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GOLO Golf Dice : The Best New Game In Golf

Now golfers and nongolfers can enjoy the HI's and LO's of golf without having to step on a fairway or green.

The Object of the Game

The object of the game, like the name, is to GO-LOW. Each player tries to score (with the dice) the least amount of "strokes" as possible. GOLO is played with a traditional dice cup and nine 12-sided dice. The 9 dice represent 9 holes of golf. There are 5 par 4's, 2 par 5's, and 2 par 3's. It's a game for all ages and one that is both exciting and educational.

Getting Started

  • Roll all (9) Dice
  • Find your lowest score using the key below.
  • You must remove at least one die after each roll. More than one may be removed.
  • Place the remaining dice in cup and roll again.
  • Continue to roll until all 9 dice have been removed. Than add your dice! The final score represents 9 hole of golf. To play 18 holes, roll again.

The Score Key

  • Red Dice = PAR 3
  • White Dice = PAR 4
  • Blue Dice = PAR 5
  • Eagle (2 under) = STAR Birdie
    (1 under)= CIRCLE
  • Par for 9 holes = 36 Par for
    18 holes = 72

The Game includes the dice, dice cup, combination of games and rules, scorecard and pencil.

Our Price: $23.95

Arizona Residents Subject To 8.7% Sales Tax

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