Chip N Pitch : The Stroke Saver : Practical & Cost Effective Golf Training Apparatus
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"...Considered the
smartest and most
useful training aid they
have ever seen..."

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Chip-N-Pitch : The Stroke Saver

Short Game Got You Down?  Frustrated?

  • Chilly dipped it?
  • Sculled the ball across the green?
  • Maybe a shank here or there?
  • Afraid to pull the club from the bag?
  • Don't want to hit ball to far?
  • Looking for golf course with no bunkers?
  • Always putting from off the green?

Chip-N-Pitch has the answer!

We talk to people every day that ask
the question...

"Will Chip-N-Pitch really help?
The Answer Is YES!!!

You Ask, What is Chip-N-Pitch?"


A golf training apparatus that is simple, practical, easy to use, and will reduce strokes from your game. Chip-N Pitch provides instant feedback and immediate results. Chip-N-Pitch The Stroke Saver is a club extension that will fit on any club used for chipping or pitching. The portability of this product allows the user the capability to practice their short game virtually anywhere, anytime, and any place,indoors or outdoors, with or without a ball. The extension can be assembled on one's club in seconds and eliminates the problem of retrofitting clubs to achieve the same results.

"My students's confidence in chipping and pitching closer to the pin has also improved their putting consistency. Learning the proper chip and pitch shot can significantly shorten the distance for a player's putt to the hole."

Says teaching professional
Randy Aumock

"Chip-N-Pitch gives the golfer instant feedback. I mean instantly with first prctice shot."

Says PGA professional
Jerry Wilson

This device teaches the proper technique,from setup to execution. Chip-N-Pitch sets the golfer up with the proper angle of the club face,therefore creating crisp and clean shots.Chip-N-Pitch is also great for sand trap play. This tool eliminates the opportunity to let the club face get ahead of the hands at or before impact.This easy,fun,and instant -results device can help improve your full swing too.The results from recent users have been a 4-10 stroke reduction from their game.

Guaranteed to improve your short game!!  30 day money back guarantee!
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